/: [b​-​side demos EP]

by lance

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shoutout to samuraihacks. ; twitter.com/samuraihacks


"Galaga" video.



kentKennie ; twitter.com/kentkennie



[ bsd.u ] ; twitter.com/beside


Artwork by Brian Donnely.

Mixed by Johnny Sunshiines.


released September 22, 2015



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


lucas! Houston, Texas



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Track Name: /: (skit) [prod. bsd.u]
lance talks to johnny.
Track Name: Tomas Vrbada. (intromission) [prod. bsd.u]
google the name.
it's lit.
Track Name: Raspberry Tea. [prod. bsd.u]
[Verse One]

Lookin' at the moon,
I'm reading out my poetry,
Scared to let somebody in complainin' no one knows me,
It's abstract,
It's complex,
It works out with no flex,
People try to read me and can't grasp the context,
Hangin' with tejanos who know a couple vatos,
Dreamin' 'bout a couple checks like Nike works the lotto,
I feelin' hollow,
Being alone is just my motto,
Puffin' all this gas and I ain't even touched the throttle,


Yeah, and I ain't even touched the throttle.

[Verse Two]

I'm sippin' tea instead of Hennessy,
I hate drinking,
Only brings the worst of me,
I'm feelin' crazy,
A little lazy,
A little hazy,
Scared of the old boy she used to call her baby,
I've been thinkin' 'bout you lately,
Maybe hoping you can save me,
I'm feelin' toxic with a Goddess,
Asking what a God is,
Where's my logic?
Playing Logic,
Here's a topic,
I think lost it in a mosh pit,
I'm exhausted,
But irregardless I got some knowledge,
Many things on my mind,
I made collages,
Not thinkin' 'bout a ex man,
But I feel colossus,
Hanging out with hippie philosophers,

[Cassette Tape Fast Forwards]
Track Name: Galaga. [prod. bsd.u]

Crush niggas like Galaga,
Hotter than some magma,
Pass the indonesia,
Psychedelic creeper,
Hangin' with a giesha in a two seater,
She said she likes a leader,
Told her it's nice to meet ya!
Black power ranger with a lightsaber,
Eaten lifesavers but I ain't tryna save her,
Goin' on a mission that puts me in submission,
Stresses on my brain and I can't break the tension,
So what you missin'?
All these snakes are hissin',
These niggas play ya music but they never really listen,
So how you feelin'?
A little dirty,
I'm wordy,
Also, pretty worthy to be among the top thirty of people you never heard,
Track Name: The [o=o] Game. (skit) [prod. bsd.u]
johnny is a jokester white tiger.
Track Name: Colors. (feat. kentkennie) [prod. bsd.u]
[Verse One - lance]

I've been thinkin' a lot,
My head is in knots,
I'm sinking,
I'm diving in rocks,
Swimming with crocs,
I'm a straight shot to be what you not,
You only feel it well when it's lit like some pot,
You feeling hot?
I'm feeling cold,
I'm in the North Pole wearing Santa's clothes tryna avoid all these hoes,
But I'ma figment of myself,
I think lost myself in a dark alley with some stealth,
So, the man in the mirrors just laughing at himself,
I aint trying to be famous,
I'm just tryna pay these payments,
I'm just seeing different angles,
I'm just searching for these angels,
I'm feeling kinda blue so I'm feeling kinda tangled,
People call me Master Chief,
I'm all about these halos,
And every time I see your face,
I wanna just say hello,
And every time I hear your voice,
You sweeter than some jello,
And even though it's been some years,
I hope you doing well though,
Um, I just want you to know that well... I'm seeing colors.

[Hook - lance. & kentkennie]

(Word, word, word...)
Yeah, I'm seeing colors.
(When you do them drugs,
I hope you feel the same way when I float above cause...)
Yeah, I'm seeing colors.
(We ain't meant like this,
But I feel sent like this,
So I just float like this...)
Yeah, I'm seeing colors.

[Verse Two - kentkennie]

Why you looking so sad, when yo mind worth gold?
Always saying you be tired, when you aint even that old,
Need to stop and build yo chakra,
Energy on low,
I see my aura color 'round me,
Even through this smoke,
Astrals, I float through 'em,
Dodge bullets, but don't shoot 'em,
I'm fluent with all my jitsu,
My blade could never miss you,
Like the homie Lance,
I don't need no pencil,
I can see the bigger picture,
You can't even reach my mental beliefs,
I ain't holding you down or tryna beef,
Just try to think about it,
Or think about me when you can't see,
Believe in knowledge seekers who preachin' the bigger picture,
Believe our sight is much deeper than what the normal figure,
I float so peaceful when I close my eyes,
My remmatory sleep is so divine,
I see myself inside trapped in inner motions,
Antidotes with potions,
My HP low, but Korin got them beans for low bish,
Focused up and you can't even see it's hopeless,
Wavy like I'm twenty oceans,
Track Name: R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. [prod. bsd.u]

Sittin' in the clouds,
I think I'm floatin' down,
Steady talkin' to myself,
It's just a cycle now,
Tryna test my caliber?
I'ma jedi with excalibur,
Don't even wanna rap anymore,
It's Christmas time,
I'm the last gift at the store,
Whatever though,
I changed my flow,
I know, I know,
I'm really out here,
Pretty astronomical,
My shot at getting known is Shaq at a free throw,
I'm really writing poetry,
Thanks for really knowing me,
Truly in a limbo where all the whack rappers be,
But I'm feeling heavenly,
No pressure on myself so that's when I strive b,
Gazing at the ocean sea watching Bruce Lee tell me all his inner prophecies,
Tell me why some people think I'm colder than some froyo,
Cena can't see me cause I took the ring from Frodo,
Dreams of all the dejavu,
I can't believe in yolo,
How you living life if you really never died though?

[Cassette tape rewinds]