Is this Yellow?

by lucas!

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[ ] - "it is what it is?" video.

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[youtaro] -


released January 3, 2016



all rights reserved


lucas! Houston, Texas



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Track Name: it is what it is? [prod. youtaro]

Call me Lucas,
Lemme show you how to do this,
Life will beat you up so learn to take the bruises,
Runnin' for the gold, but only got the bronze,
Either I'm just high, or I'm sad in these songs,
Lost within a cycle,
First step is denial,
Leave a message at the beat,
I gotta check my vitals,
Reading all the titles,
Lying on some tiles,
People lookin' at me like I got the weirdest style,
I'm feeling kinda blinded,
And ever since I lost my watch I'm losing what the time is,
But I'm feelin' cold in December with these lions,
Watch who you trust cause these niggas really lying,


Yo, yo, it is what it is,
And every time I walk around, I try to feel the simple sounds,
It is what it is.
Yo, yo, it is what it is,
And every time I walk around, I try to feel the simple sounds,
It is what it is.
it is what it is,
it is what it is.
Track Name: so, tell me what i'm not. [prod. youtaro]

I found my inner self talking to my younger self,
I guess I get to me if no one else,
Jumpin' off a cliff to the clouds of the moon,
Standing at fork in the road,
I want a spoon,
You know I keep it real expressin' how I feel,
Thinkin' 'bout the days,
Thankful for my meals,
Venting to my homies,
I think they really know me,
You're living life now, but dying pretty slowly,
I guess it's pretty abstract always thinking like that,
It's like driving my Civic with all flats,
I hope she's listenin'
Her voice is glistenin',
I want her by my side,
That's the mission then,
I gotta couple goals,
It's kinda messy though,
Gotta put'em on hold like my cell phone,
It's been couple years since my first verse,
People never played my music say I got worse,
Well, I'm cream of the crop,
And life just got better whenever I hit the pot,
So yeah, now I'm feeling pretty hot,
I don't need your opinion to tell me what I'm not.


So, tell me what I'm not.