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[he's gonn' super video]


all about the milk.

[Producer] -

mixed by Johnny Sunshiines.


released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


lucas! Houston, Texas



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Track Name: So Sensational! [Prod. Keem The Cipher]
[Street Fighter intro]


Every time I see your face,
I think about the times at your place,
I know I made mistakes,
You were tired of these breaks,
I never wanna break-up,
Making love without the make-up,
You didn't say much,
You made it beautiful,
I hope I get to you,
Said a couple poems from my head,
Lucas, I think she's feelin' you,
I think she's feelin' you,
I'm starin' at her gaze,
She's lookin' so amazed,
She's lookin' in my soul,
The feelings mutual,
I've never felt this feeling, but I'm really feelin' though,
Lookin' in my future, it feels so sensational.


So sensational.
Track Name: Tatsumaki Zankukyaku! [Prod. Keem The Cipher]

Writing on a cloud,
I feel the sun now,
It's life changing, how?
I don't know,
I bought a Chocobo,
Rode him through the snow,
It was pretty cold,
It was pretty cool,
Brought him in the school back in two oh double two,
I'm delusional,
Mental institutional,
I love myself, but I love you more,
Treating life like a tour when I walk out the door,
But when I walk in the store,
Man, I feel so poor cause the tags show me more than I can afford,
Yo, this sucks!
I wish I had a million bucks just to give the charity,
No, you not scarin' me,
I use my third eye barely, rarely.
I use my third eye rarely, barely.
Track Name: You Found A Rare Candy! (Interlude with Neil Degrasse Tyson) [Prod. Keem The Cipher]
[Neil Degrasse Tyson speaks]
Track Name: He's Gonn' Super! [Prod. Keem The Cipher]

Call me Lucas,
Lemme show you how to do this,
Life will beat you up so learn to take the bruises,
Runnin' for the gold, but only got the bronze,
Either I'm just high, or I'm sad in these songs,
Lost within a cycle,
First step is denial,
Leave a message at the beat,
I gotta check my vitals,
Reading all the titles,
Lying on some tiles,
People lookin' at me like I got the weirdest style,
I'm feeling kinda blinded,
And ever since I lost my watch I'm losing what the time is,
But I'm feelin' cold in December with these lions,
Watch who you trust cause these niggas really lying,


Yo, yo, it is what it is,
And every time I walk around, I try to feel the simple sounds,
It is what it is.
Yo, yo, it is what it is,
And every time I walk around, I try to feel the simple sounds,
It is what it is, yo.
it is what it is,
it is what it is.
Track Name: Game Over? [Prod. Keem The Cipher]

Every time I write a flow,
I get a feelin',
Gotta couple potions on me,
I think I'm healin',
Make it short and sweet, ventin' on a beat,
Rap game Lucas Skywalker with a fleet,
I feel a force around me,
I keep it close,
Slowly gettin' up my bread,
Let's make a toast to the douchebags and the assholes that hate my imagery,
Lost in a balance just reaching for some symmetry,
Still tryna find myself,
I know my inner wealth, but just smoke away my health,
Let's see the bigger picture,
Drownin' all my sorrows in a pool full of liquor,
My rhymes are coming quicker and my voice is gettin' thicker,
Yeah, we all say time is money, so my craft is getting richer,
Let's do this.
Track Name: No One Cares About Credits. (Outro with Shia LaBeouf) [Prod. Keem The Cipher]
[Shia Lebeouf speaks]