Chores [prod. bsd​.​u]

by lucas!

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silky milky.

this isn't on "You're As Happy As You Wanna Be".

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In hindsight, I gotta get my mind right,
All the negativity,
Got me living life in black and white,
I'm not alright,
I need a light,
I gotta fight my animosity,
All this inner thinkin' got me thinkin' more philosophies,
I'm chillin' out with Socrates,
Chiefin' on some ganja leaves,
Tellin' me apologies every time she has to leave,
All of these of analogies make me hate realities,
The best thing about myself? Originality.
Never ever try to get lost,
You might not be found,
But every time I wanna get lost,
You're never around,
So every time I do get lost,
I follow the sound,
And then you told me to get lost,
My hearts on the ground.


I'm smokin' hella weed,
Just thinkin' 'bout we,
So, do you love me?
Cause I don't love me.


Super duper vision when I get these hard ass missions,
Steady tryna cut me off like a circumcision,
But I'm gifted,
I'm hella lifted,
My mind is shifted,
Tryna be a misfit to a misfit,
I got enlisted in a war of whores and Call of Duty scores,
LSD and THC slippin' through my pores,
Whoa, I know you want more,
Yo, I'm sick of all these chores.
I wanna be beside you,
Never wanna lie to you,
Confide in you,
It's all I do,
The feelings true,
I'm feeling blue,
It's nothing new,
I'm loving you,
They don't even deserve half of what you do,
I'm lucky too,
Eskimo kissing in a igloo,
It's what we do,
Yo, it's what we do.
Yeah, whoa.




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lucas! Houston, Texas



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