UltraBliss! [prod. subside. / Tomppabeats]

by lucas!

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[ soundcloud.com/juust-lancee/ultrabliss-prod-subside-tomppabeats ]

whoa, I'm making a mixtape called: "You're As Happy As You Wanna Be!"

That is the cover. been working this stuff for years, and stopped.

So, here are two songs. "Ultra Ultra" and "Bliss".


soundcloud.com/subside36dub [subside.]
soundcloud.com/tomppabeats [Tomppabeats]


[Ultra Ultra]


Surfing on my longboard,
Hotter than the Jersey Shore,
Aiming for a higher score,
Life is still fuckin' bore,
Girls asking for amore,
Same ones that be the whores,
Twenty-one with no son cause sex is a mission,
Even got deaf people to listen to my ambitions,
Put the words to your face,
Still won't read descriptions,
(Yeah!) yeah,
Tell me how you feel,
Make it real,
Took the red pill with some NyQuil,
Fell asleep in my second dream with the fire queen,
Sex hotter than a oven rack,
Now I got my wings back,
Flying to the upper clouds,
Chillin' with these Gods now,
Zeus got the juice and I drank all the proof,
Just Lance,
Spitting hot bars again over these heads,
Flow deep as Lake Michigan,
(No doubt!) no doubt,
Coming from the South,
Girls love the sea man,
The expressions on her mouth,
Dirty pipes and spark lights,
Good green and late nights,
Moon's bright, it's live right?
Like handcuffs these rhymes tight,
Yeah, say I ain't the best,
Living In Visionary Euphoria is my set!


"What's life without the simple questions?
People hate me,
Just tell 'em I'ma ultracrepidarian!
Yeah, ultracrepidarian!
Tell these niggas I'ma ultracrepidarian!
An ultracrepidarian!



Every time I feel your love it's like a drug,
I can't enough,
I'm loving this stuff,
You keep me sane,
Please say you feel the same every time you think about me in ya brain,
Feelin' all this sharp pain,
I love it when you say my name,
Never wanna let you go, but I guess my future didn't really know,
Drinking Sierra Mist I'm pissed you had to put me on hold,
Dreams of all your physical bliss but really missing your soul,
Watching comets fall to earth could never compare these woes,
Yo. Yo.
Making life goals for them to never grow,


released March 18, 2016
Mixed by Johnny Sunshiines.



all rights reserved


lucas! Houston, Texas



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